We provide strategic consulting for decision support, organizational improvement, and project execution.

ValourUSA Inc. is committed to deliver innovative software solutions and services to our world wide clients. We believe in the realization of technology driven businesses and prosper through the power of collaboration.

ValourUSA Inc. has state-of-the-art software development centers that has established long-term relationships with major corporations spanning manufacturing, insurance, banking, finance, telecom, automobile and transportation industries. Our Consulting team brings expertise in strategy development and project planning to assist clients in evaluating their business challenges and opportunities to ensure rapid development of technology solutions for a competitive advantage.

ValourUSA Inc stays ahead of the competition by innovating new products and services based on the needs of our customers and market demand. We constantly strive to exceed our customers’ needs and expectations of price, service and selection by performing periodic reviews of the marketplace to improve our offerings.

Project List
  • SAP Implementation in SD and MM
  • Quality Assurance Analyst - Food and Nutrition projects
  • Web based project in J2EE and BW Data rerepository
  • Cargo Workflow management
  • E-Commerce
  • Registration System - Development, Maintenance and Support
  • Web Services Engine on Z/OS 390
  • Shipment tracking and location system